Bringing a product to market has never been easier

An innovative approach from ideation to implementation

Everyone has great ideas, but ideas need action. Our experienced team thoroughly examine each idea, conduct market research and investigate practicality and profitability. We assist our clients in enhancing their business performance by removing barriers to entry. We partner with ambitious clients to create intelligent products for a better tomorrow.




//Launch Project

Ideas have a window of opportunity. We ensure our clients don't miss them.


Our experienced team love new ideas and creative ingenuity. In our initial meeting we will discuss the product, current competitors and potential target audience. Our team will undergo a comprehensive market analysis to discover whether the product is viable. If successful, our team of industrial designers will formulate the idea into a professional CAD design, ready for prototyping


Valley Precise Global is part of the Precise Advanced Manufacturing Group, which has four large manufacturing plants across South Australia. With 3D printing, moulding and in house capabilities, your idea will be built using the fastest and most cost effective way possible. Each project is different, and each will be approached uniquely.


Once the final prototype has been formulated, our team will conduct testing and validation. Our in house team can produce logo & packaging design, website building, and all other relevant marketing material for market entry.


We ensure our clients reach the market with the best chance of success, with ongoing support every step of the way.

We also assist clients to source their required production requirements


Design Led Innovation

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